• Move from Employee to expert

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    3 Steps to Becoming an Influencer Webinar

    10 Minute Intro to Employee to EXPERT Signature Program

    Burnt out in your current job?


    Want to start consulting but afraid no one will take you seriously?


    Do you want your audience to see you as THE EXPERT in your field?


    Here are the 3 steps I use to move influencers from employee to EXPERT


    I have helped influencers better connect with their audience. I spent over 15 years building the EXACT formula it takes to create a SOLID launch as an influencer and consultant.


    If you want your audience to give you more attention, buy your products, and trust your voice, then you need to leverage as much EXPERTISE as possible using my PROVEN framework.


    I want to give you THE resource I use for giving my clients' content as much clout as possible.


    Watch my FREE webinar intro to the Moving from Employee to EXPERT Course to start MAXIMIZING YOUR INFLUENCE!

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    Promote yourself!

    I get it, you're tired

    Getting started with your consulting business isn't easy, especially if you don't believe you have anything of value to share.


    But guess what? You get to take control of your life and career, starting today!


    I've created tools to take your dreams to reality


    You're taking the 1st step toward building your dreams. You deserve to live the life that you want while enjoying a successful career!